My Services and My Fees*
More Than 32,000 People Can't Be Wrong
Yes, it's true, more than 32,000 people have come to me for hypnosis, psychotherapy and
counseling to help them make changes in their lives. I have been here in the same location in
Houston TX for more than 30 years and I've been in private practice for more than 35 years.

Free Telephone Consultation Up To 20 Minutes
If you have seen my ad on the internet, you may have noticed that it says I offer a free
telephone consultation of up to 30 minutes. The purpose of the free telephone consultation is
so that I can get to know something of your issues and you can get to know me and we can
both find out if what I do is right for you.

$10.00 Off Coupon
You can access my $10.00 off coupon on the last page of this web site. Printing the coupon is
optional, it's not necessary. Simply mention the coupon to me at the end of your session and
you will receive your $10.00 discount. I try to make it easy.

Daytime and Evening Appointments Available
Private appointments are generally available weekdays with my last appointment of the day
usually being at 6:00 PM. You are welcome to have any of the evening appointments that are

Hypnosis Recording Included
In your private appointment, I will record the hypnosis that I do with you so that it is
customized just for you and I will give you the recording so that you can use it for
reinforcement between sessions. You may choose to have your recording on CD (Compact
Disc) or I can record it digitally and email it to you.

My Fees and Length of My Appointments
Your first appointment will be an hour and a half and the fee is $175.00.  
For follow-up appointments, you have a choice. If you continue with hour and a half sessions
the fee is $175.00. If you prefer, you can limit your sessions to one hour and the fee is
$125.00.   If you have never been to see me before, the first appointment is always an hour
and a half. I also offer two hour sessions and the fee for that is $225.00.

$175.00: One & 1/2 Hour (1st Appt. Always & Optional for Follow Up Appts.)
$125.00. One Hour (Optional for Follow Up Appts.)
$225.00. Two Hours (Optional for All Appts.)

As you can see, I charge a little less per hour for the longer sessions because most people do
better and get more accomplished with the longer sessions. Consequently I try to make the
longer sessions more affordable rather than charging my full hourly rate.

You may be surprised to find my fees listed on my web site. Many hypnotherapists won't talk
about fees even over the telephone let alone publish them on the internet. Some
hypnotherapists insist on discussing fees only in person and sometimes use that time as a
sales pitch to try to convince you to purchase numerous sessions in advance.

Not Limited To Using Hypnosis
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, my specialty is using Psychotherapy and Counseling
as well as Hypnosis, to help my clients to successfully achieve their goals in making the
changes they want in their lives. Since I am licensed by the State of Texas, I am not limited to
using only hypnosis.

Some Common Issues I Help People With
  • Motivation & Success
  • Stress Control
  • Becoming More Empowered
  • Feeling More At Peace
  • Developing A More Positive Attitude
  • Feeling Better About Yourself
  • Resolving Shame, Embarrassment, Humiliation or Self-Consciousness Issues
  • Solving Relationship Problems
  • Memory, Concentration & Studying
  • Successfully Taking Tests & Exams
  • Health Issues, Especially Chronic Health Problems
  • Hypnotic Regressions, Including Past Life Regressions
  • Depression
  • Weight Loss & Quitting Smoking

Now, of course that list does not include all the types of issues that I help people deal with.

Because I specialize in hypnosis, much of the therapy I do is fairly brief. For example, the
majority of people who come to me for quitting smoking are successful in just a few sessions.
Also, a significant number of people who come to me for weight control need only a few
sessions in order to be successful. The majority of people who see me for other issues often
reach their goals in a fairly short time.  

Group Hypnosis For Quitting Smoking & Weight Loss
I am available to do groups for Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking and for Weight Control. If
you want me to do a group for you, you need to secure at least 4 people.

The fee for a group of at least 4 people is $90.00 per person.

Every person in the group will receive a complimentary recorded copy of the hypnosis to use
as reinforcement to help insure their success.

A group must consist of either all smokers or all weight loss people.

I can accommodate up to a dozen people in a group here in my office.  

If you secure 7 or more people for your group in my office, you may have either a per-person
discount or one person can simply attend at no charge.

A group session takes about two and a half hours. I can schedule your group for whatever
time of day works best for your people. Most of the folks who have me do groups find that
evenings work best for them.
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Each new day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. The choices you make
today don't have to be influenced by what happened to you in the past. Today,
right now, this very moment, is your only moment of power. Right now is the only
opportunity you have to begin changing the undesirable patterns in your
unconscious mind that keep you trapped in the past. This is what my
Wilson Method Empowerment Hypnosis© helps you to do.
Use this moment, right now to make a new and better choice for you.  
Edward J. Wilson, M.Ed., L.P.C., C.Ht.
*Individual Results May Vary
$10.00 Off Coupon
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