How Will You Hypnotize Me?*
Hypnosis Is A Natural State Of Mind

Hypnosis is not an altered state of mind as many people in the field still refer to it. We now
recognize that hypnosis is actually a natural and normal state of consciousness.

We owe our understanding of the nature of hypnosis to the world famous Dr. Milton H.
Erickson, M.D. (1902 to 1980). Dr. Erickson published more than 100 original papers. His
work and his research have contributed more to our understanding of hypnosis than any
other individual who has ever lived. (If you want to learn more about Dr. Erickson, use this
A History of Ericksonian Hypnosis by Douglas O'Brien

Dr. Erickson was the first to recognize that hypnosis is not a altered state at all but rather it is
a natural normal state of consciousness that we all go into and out of many times every day.
Dr. Erickson referred to this natural level of hypnosis as the “common, ordinary, everyday
hypnotic trance.”  We estimate that the average person goes into and out of this level of
hypnosis at least 300 and 500 times everyday. Some people seem to stay in it most of the time.

Some of the phrases we use to describe this level of hypnosis are “Lost In Thought,” “Pre-
Occupied,” “Day-Dreaming,” “Spaced Out” or “Zoned Out.” People tend to go into this level
of hypnosis every time they are doing something that is mostly automatic. One of the most
common places where this happens is driving.

For most of us, driving has become almost totally automatic. Consequently, the conscious
mind is free to wander and there is a very strong tendency to become lost in thought, pre-
occupied or start day-dreaming. In other words, you tend to not be paying much
attention to the tasks involved in guiding and directing the vehicle. Instead, your unconscious
mind is taking care of the driving.

The difference between this common level of hypnosis and clinical hypnosis is that I help you
use your own natural abilities to learn to  deepen your experience.

I will begin the Empowerment Hypnosis© induction by asking you to close your eyes and
then I will begin talking to you and giving your mind Empowerment Suggestions© using into
the Empowerment Hypnosis©.

Then I will gently call your attention to different parts of your body to help you to relax even
more completely and give you specially worded hypnotic suggestions to assist you in
gradually merging more deeply into a pleasant, healthy state of hypnotic trance.

All the while you will maintain full conscious awareness and are fully in control. (You will not
lose conscious awareness unless you happen to fall asleep.) Then I will give you the
appropriate Empowerment Suggestions© to help empower your unconscious mint to help you
achieve your goals.
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