Understanding The Role Of The Mind*
What Do You Mean I Created My Self-Image?

Your self-image, as it is popularly known, should more accurately be called your self-concept
since it is not explicitly a mental image or picture of yourself. Instead, your self-image is the
totality of your many concepts concerning who you are and it exists almost exclusively within
your unconscious mind. As such, it controls the vast majority of your concepts and
perceptions about life as well as your reactions to life.

The first question then becomes “How Does The Self Image Come Into Being?” Now on this
point, the most important thing to understand is that you created your self-image. In fact,
you started creating it before you were even born and it was mostly complete and in place by
about the age of six years old.

The key thing about the self-image is that, you created your self-image,therefore,
you can
change it!

The way you created your self-image was by the ways in which you originally perceived and
interpreted the experiences you had in life. At one point, each experience you had in life was
totally unique, the first of its kind.

The first time you experienced hunger, the first time you took a breath, the first time you
experienced food in your mouth and you swallowed it, the first time you experienced
someone holding you and smiling at you, the first time someone spoke harshly to you or
yelled or screamed at you.

There was a first time for each of these experiences and many, many, many more. Each new
experience brought with it an experience of deciding what this new encounter meant to you.

On this point, it's extremely important to understand that we human beings have a deep,
deep need to assign meaning to the events we experience in life. It's part of our nature. It's
genetically wired into the brain. We have no choice about whether we are going to assign
meaning to the things that happen to us.

Where we
do have a choice is that we get to choose what meaning we assign to each and every
event we experience.

The difficult part is that, since your self-image was mostly created in childhood, the majority
of the meanings you chose were generated by an inexperienced mind that simply did not have
the same powers of reasoning that your adult mind has. Consequently, you, like all of us,
became wounded very early in life. And most of us become somehow stuck in certain of those
wounds and therefore unable to heal them.

How We Become Trapped By The Past

The way that we become stuck in our wounds and trapped in the past is that we almost
always hide our wounds from ourselves in some way.

The world-famous Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1865 to 1961) referred to wounds that
we hide from ourselves as the “Shadow” and the Shadow is
always a part of the self-image.

(For some links to give you more information on Dr. Jung, see the bottom of this article.)

Basically, what Dr. Jung said is that, when these wounds occur (which is very often before the
age of 6), the emotional impact is so overwhelming that we somehow split them off from
conscious awareness. In other words, these types of wounds make us feel so extremely
threatened emotionally that our unconscious mind feels forced to find some way to hide them
from the conscious mind.

Sometimes these Shadow wounds are so severe that the unconscious mind hides them from us
completely and we have no memory whatsoever of the events that caused them or the
emotional impact of those events. Most of the time, though, we retain some memories of the
events and some level of memory of the emotional impact but most of the emotional impact
remains hidden.

These hidden emotions create patterns of responding to life that become totally automatic. In
other words, we lose our ability to choose how we wish to respond to the events of life. These
unconscious patterns are what keep us trapped in emotional responses that we have little or
no control over. This is what I mean by a damaged self-image.

The Solution To A Damaged Self-Image

This is where my Wilson Method Empowerment Hypnosis© comes in. My Empowerment
Hypnosis© works to change your self-image, the mental programming in your unconscious
mind. So, whatever the problem, if it was generated by a damaged self-image, my
Empowerment Hypnosis© works to correct it.

For more on healing a damaged self-image see either the page on “My Services” or the page
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If you want to learn more about Dr. C. G. Jung, M.D., check out these links.

Information on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung from Wikpedia

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Some Quotes by Dr. Jung from The Quotation Page
Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery.
Each new day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. The choices you make
today don't have to be influenced by what happened to you in the past. Today,
right now, this very moment, is your only moment of power. Right now is the only
opportunity you have to begin changing the undesirable patterns in your
unconscious mind that keep you trapped in the past. This is what my
Wilson Method Empowerment Hypnosis© helps you to do.
Use this moment, right now to make a new and better choice for you.  
Edward J. Wilson, M.Ed., L.P.C., C.Ht.
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