What The Body Needs: Healthy Nutrition, Exercise & Rest

Let me start with nutrition. First, I'll explain a little bit about nutrition
with an analogy. One of my colleagues once had her office in a building
where the bricks would just fall off for no apparent reason.

The first time I visited her office she warned me, “Don't park too close to the building or you
may find a brick through your windshield!” It seems that the original contractor who built
the building did not mix the correct materials in the proper proportions for the mortar that
held the bricks in place. Consequently, the mortar failed prematurely and bricks would
unexpectedly fall off the building and sometimes strike vehicles and/or people.

Now, of course, the recipe for mortar is just a few simple ingredients. The point is that if the
right ingredients are not there and if they are not in the correct proportions and properly
mixed together, the mortar will fail long before it should. This is not only very serious but
also extremely expensive. And thus it is with the body.

Now the human body  is far more complex and, of course, far more precious than mortar.
But the principle is the same. If the proper building blocks, the nutrients your body requires,
are not available to your body in the correct proportions then your body will fail long before
it should.

Think about it for a moment. Your body needs oxygen every moment. Your brain cannot go
without it for more than three or four minutes or your brain begins to die. That's why we
breathe air continuously. Now, air is composed of more than just oxygen. Close to 80% of air
is Nitrogen. Nearly 20% of air is Oxygen and a few percent of air is Carbon Dioxide. The rest
of our air on this planet is made up of very small amounts of rare gases like Neon, Xenon and

When your body needs Oxygen, Nitrogen just won't do the job that Oxygen does. Nitrogen
cannot support cell metabolism, it cannot support life. Your body cannot substitute Nitrogen
for Oxygen. Obviously, Carbon Dioxide won't work either. In just the same way, your body
cannot substitute one nutrient for another and without the proper nutrients at the time they
are needed, your body will eventually fail prematurely.

Now, of course, the failure of your body is considerably more serious than the failure of
mortar since your body is the only place you can live while you are here in this world. The
failure of mortar can be corrected, no matter how expensive it might turn out to be. On the
other hand, the failure of your body can mean anything from lack of energy to painful
suffering all the way up to and including to the possibility of death.

The truth is, the human body is so complex that even the experts cannot agree on exactly
what nutrition it needs. However, one thing is abundantly clear and most of the experts agree:
the nutrients, the building blocks, that your body needs are simply no longer found in the
foods that are available through the places where we normally shop. Consequently, if you are
to have a healthy body, you absolutely must complement your nutrition with some form of
high quality nutritional supplement.

Now here is where the experts simply cannot agree. What exactly what does the body need?
The choices are absolutely mind boggling. That's why it made sense to me to choose to follow
the recommendations of the most highly renowned figure in the world of nutrition, Dr. Earl
Mindell.  Dr. Mindell is the person who wrote the world famous
Vitamin Bible which turned
out to be the best selling book on nutrition ever written. (It sold more than 10 million copies
in 30 languages since it was published in 1979.)

Dr. Mindell's newest discovery, a breakthrough in the field of nutrition, is the ancient Goji
Berry (Lycium Barbarum) from the Himalayas. To learn more about the amazing ways that
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