The Amazing Goji Berry*

Dr. Earl Mindell is the world's foremost expert on nutrition.  One of his first books, the world
Vitamin Bible has turned out to be the best selling book on nutrition ever written. (It
has sold more than 10 million copies since it was first published in 1979 and it has been
translated into at least 30 different languages .)

Dr. Mindell's newest discovery, a breakthrough in the field of nutrition, is the ancient Goji
Berry (Lycium Barbarum) from the Himalayas.

Such a large number of people now consider Dr. Mindell's discovery so
very exciting that a brand new magazine chose to feature the Himalayan
Goji berry in its inaugural issue. This issue of the magazine features
approximately 20 stories about the Himalayan Goji berry.
Unfortunately, due to federal law, I cannot tell you the name of the
magazine nor anything about any of the articles in it.

The Goji berry has now helped so many people that a web site has been set up to allow those
who are interested in reading about the experiences that others have had with this incredible
juice from the Himalayas can do so. This web site features Goji Health Stories involving
more than 90 categories of health issues. But again, because of federal law, I am not allowed
to give you the name of this web site nor even a list of some of the health issues that the
many contributors have given their testimonials on.

Please understand, not all Goji berries are created equal. There are many different varieties of
Goji berries. The fact is, many, many thousands of people have now experienced a wide
variety of health enhancements by using the miraculous juice of Lycium Barbarum. But they
only experience these benefits if they use juice that has the remarkable use only Goji juice
that is made from Himalayan type Goji berries showing the Spectral Signature that
guarantees I am receiving juice that is derived only from the most potent type of Goji berry
on earth.

Now, you're probably wondering, what health benefits have I personally experienced since
I've been using Goji juice?

I would really love to tell you but yet again, that pesky federal law prohibits me from doing
so. What is this federal law that so inhibits the free speech that we were all guaranteed by our
constitution? It's the law that says that if I am offering Himalayan Goji Juice for sale, which
I am, then I cannot make any medical claims about it. That's because Himalayan Goji Juice
falls under the category of a nutritional food. I guess that the federal law is somewhat hazy
about what is considered a medical claim and what is simply a personal testimonial.

Most of the time we take nutritional supplements on faith. We simply take it on faith that we
are doing something really good and healthy for our bodies. We seldom have any proof that
the supplements are really doing us any good. In other words, we seldom experience any

In fact, I don't remember
ever experiencing any ACTUAL RESULTS that I could be certain of
until I started taking Dr. Mindell's supplements. I have taken nutritional supplements for
most of my life but I have only been taking the high quality, world class nutritional
supplements from Dr. Earl Mindell for about the last ten years now. I was one of the first
40,000 customers of the company that markets Dr. Mindell's products. That company now
has over a million customers. After I started taking Dr. Mindell's nutritional supplements, I
started experiencing
ACTUAL RESULTS and in these past ten years that I've been taking his
supplements, the
most profound ACTUAL RESULTS  I have ever experienced have been from
Dr. Mindell's Goji juice from the Himalayas.

For information on how to purchase the Goji Juice that I use myself click on this link to my
Goji Juice website The web page will open in a new
browser window.     

I originally had six paragraphs written on the health benefits that I personally have
experienced, however I was required to remove them because of the federal law. The empty
white space at the end is where those six paragraphs went. But just because I am not allowed
to write about the health benefits that I have experienced does not mean that they are not
real. They are real and I have experienced them and continue to experience them.
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