My Super Hypnosis Recorded Programs*

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    I offer 18 titles of hypnosis recordings to help you make changes in your life*.
    They are in MP3 Format. I can send them to you by email.

The price for the recordings is $6.00 per title or you can purchase the entire set of 18 titles for
$50.00 with no additional costs.  

You can also purchase the entire set of 18 titles by mail on an MP3 CD, the price is $80.00
including shipping and handling.

I also guarantee that you will receive delivery of your order. I want satisfied customers. If
there is any problem with delivery of a paid order, I will personally make sure that it is made

The Programs That Are Available Are:

01:  Raising Self Confidence & Self Esteem*
    You can begin to feel more confidence with each day and develop the feeling that you
    can conquer any goal and achieve the things you dream of.

02:  Develop Attitudes for Prosperity & Success*
    Attitudes are the major thing that stand in the way of success. This program is intended
    to help you develop enthusiastic, winning attitudes. It's designed to help you become a

03:  Secrets of Self Hypnosis*

04:  Fountains of Inner Consciousness*
    These 2 titles go together and count as one program. The Secrets of Self Hypnosis is
    intended to help you harness the power of your own subconscious mind to have it
    working for you instead of against you. The Fountains of Inner Consciousness is
    wonderful background music to use in creating your own tapes, CDs or MP3s. Develop
    your own goals and create your own suggestions for self improvement.

05:  Getting Into Exercise and Athletics*
    Beginners: Powerfully reinforce your own desire to become fit and healthy by adding the
    most overlooked ingredient in life. Athletes: You will likely notice an enhanced
    performance level.

06:  Sexual Enhancement & Fulfillment*
    Discover how your sexual experiences can be more satisfying, enriching and fulfilling
    than ever before. This one is always one of my most popular programs. (NOTE: This
    program contains NO sexually explicit material whatsoever.)

07:  Better Memory, Concentration & Studying*
    Not just for students. This program is intended to help you focus your mind, for sharper
    recall and more intense concentration. An improved memory can make you more

08:  Decrease Stress, Nervousness & Anxiety*
    This program can help you develop a more calm, relaxed feeling even in difficult
    situations. It can also help with difficulty sleeping.

09:  Better Health, Longevity and Peace of Mind*
    For more than 35 years this program has helped thousands & thousands of people to
    develop and maintain good health and add years to their lives.

10:  Quitting Addictions*
    Not just for alcohol or chemical abuse, this program can be used with all addictions
    including sexual addictions, relationship addictions, gambling addictions, eating
    addictions as well as any other addictive or compulsive behavior.

11:  Decreasing & Controlling Pain*
    This program is intended to help decrease the impact of chronic pain in your life. It
    works by using hypnotic pain management techniques to give you relief.

12:  Changing Fears and Phobias*
    This program is intended to work by helping you change your old reactions to situations
    that used to create anxiety and fear.

13:  Quitting Smoking & Nicotine: Behavioral Changes*
    This program can help decrease cravings and assist you in becoming a non-smoker and
    breaking the addiction to nicotine. It focuses on changing behaviors. Can be used with
    the Quit Smoking: Self Image Changes below.

14:  Quitting Smoking & Nicotine: Self Image Changes*
    This program can help assist you in being a non-smoker and breaking the addiction to
    nicotine. It focuses on changing your self image. Can be used with the Quit Smoking
    Behavioral Changes program above.

15: Weight Reduction Through: Behavioral Changes*
    This program is intended to help you create changes in behavior which will assist you in
    taking off the pounds you want and help you avoid gaining weight. Can be used with the
    Weight Reduction Through: Self Image Changes program below.

16: Weight Reduction Through: Self Image Changes*
    This program is designed to help you change the way you think about yourself at a deep
    subconscious level to help you not just take weight off but also to keep it off. Can be
    used with the Weight Reduction Through: Behavioral Changes program above.

17: Letting Go: Empowerment Hypnosis*
    This program helps mobilize the vast resources of your unconscious mind to examine
    each of its perceptions and beliefs about life and about the past and let go of as many of
    its mistaken, negative, damaged or dysfunctional perceptions & beliefs as possible.

18: Boost Motivation, Success and Health*
    This program offers ego strengthening suggestions to help boost and strengthen the part
    of your unconscious mind that is in charge of your motivation for success and good
    health to help you change your life in meaningful ways.
Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery.
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Each new day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. The choices you make
today don't have to be influenced by what happened to you in the past. Today,
right now, this very moment, is your only moment of power. Right now is the only
opportunity you have to begin changing the undesirable patterns in your
unconscious mind that keep you trapped in the past. This is what my
Wilson Method Empowerment Hypnosis© helps you to do.
Use this moment, right now to make a new and better choice for you.  
Edward J. Wilson, M.Ed., L.P.C., C.Ht.
*As with anything in life, individual results may vary.
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