My Custom Hypnosis Programs*
Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery.

Custom hypnosis programs fall into two categories. The first category is that I will create a
custom program for you for any problem that can be helped through hypnosis. In your
custom program I will use your name numerous times in the hypnosis recording in order to
make the hypnosis more efefective. Using your name in the recording helps make it more
powerful because your unconscious mind recognizes that I am addressing you personally.

For example, I do not have a pre-recorded program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As you
might know, research has demonstrated that hypnosis can often help Irritable Bowel
Syndrome. If you suffer from it you also know that IBS, as it is known, can manifest itself as
extremely loose (meaning diarrhea) stool or extremely tight (meaning constipation) stool.
Consequently, no one single pre-recorded hypnosis program can address all of the relevant
issues. That is why I offer custom made recordings for this issue. I tailor the program to fit
your particular aspects of the problem.

Also, just to be on the record, I do not offer to diagnose, treat or prescribe for medical issues
since I am not a medical doctor. If you have medical issues that you want to address with
hypnosis, I strongly suggest that you be under the treatment of a competent licensed medical
professional while you are seeing a hypnotherapist. Always follow your medical profesional's

The second type of Custom Hypnosis Recording is if you want to have one of my
pre-recorded hypnosis programs customized just for you. Again, what makes it custom made
is that I will use your name numerous times in the recording so that your unconscious mind
recognizes that I am addressing you personally.

The Fee For Custom Hypnosis Recordings

The fee for custom hypnosis recordings is $125.00 per program. Since both types of custom
recordings take about the same amount of time to record, the fee is the same for both. For
the recordings where I have to create a specific program just for you, it involves a bit more
time but I do not charge extra for that. I figure that if you have an issue with that, whatever it
might be, then someone else might also. Consequently, I keep a copy of all hypnosis
programs that I create in case someone else has a similar issue.

Please note, I do not keep recorded copies of custom made hypnosis programs that are
suitable for distribution. So you might want to make a backup copy for safekeeping.

Technical Issues

For custom made hypnosis recordings, I use a professional quality audio CD recorder
manufactured by Marantz. This is a $900.00 unit that allows me to record my voice directly
onto a Compact Disc. I normally use special hypnosis music for a background and, typically,
I also use a pendulum clock for a background sound. The unconscious mind seems to
particularly like the background sound of the pendulum clock because it closely resembles
the sound that you heard continuously during the first 9 months you were alive before you
officially entered this world. That's right, your mother's heartbeat.

If you prefer not to have the pendulum clock or any background music on your custom CD,
just let me know. It's no problem to leave those out.

How To Order
: To order a custom made hypnosis CD, call me direct at 713-882-1700. We can
work out the details.
For Houston Area Residents
Up To
20 Minutes
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Each new day brings with it a chance for a new beginning. The choices you make
today don't have to be influenced by what happened to you in the past. Today,
right now, this very moment, is your only moment of power. Right now is the only
opportunity you have to begin changing the undesirable patterns in your
unconscious mind that keep you trapped in the past. This is what my
Wilson Method Empowerment Hypnosis© helps you to do.
Use this moment, right now to make a new and better choice for you.  
Edward J. Wilson, M.Ed., L.P.C., C.Ht.
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